Design @ The Lux

In late February 2017 EMBERS was confirmed as the successful new tenant of a City-owned commercial property at 57 East Hastings St. referred to by many in the neighbourhood as “The Lux”. The Lux was identified by the City of Vancouver last fall as a site that could be used for a collaborative Low Barrier Income Generating Hub. The Lux will meet people where they are at but will also provide individuals an opportunity to move along the income generation continuum should they choose to. The approach is innovative in its use of multiple partners working in true collaboration using existing programs and expertise to meet the needs of the community.

“Design @ the Lux” is a service and information design project that will enable interagency collaboration to take place at the low barrier income generation hub. This will include developing and implementing processes for effectively intaking clients, and sharing employment information, such as job opportunities and referrals between trainers, businesses and users. The necessary structure might need to have both digital and non-digital components in achieving the goal of supporting people to access employment and self-employment opportunities.

LEDlab Project Coordinator Austin Lui will:

  • Learn about and become familiar with the needs of the users of the Lux
  • Map out the journey of various users as they interact with the Lux
  • Prototype the service delivery model with real-time feedback from users at the Lux
  • Identify infrastructure to support ongoing operations such as software, hardware, as well as social infrastructure
  • Document ‘how to’ adopt selected systems, tools, and processes to support interagency coordination