Community Partner:

The Binners’ Project

The Binners’ Project is a group of binners dedicated to improving their economic opportunities and reducing the stigma they face as informal recycling collectors. The Binners’ Project pilot initiatives: Binners’ Events, Binners’ Box and Individual Pick­ups all aim to re­value people and resources. Check out the Binners’ Project online and learn more about their pilot initiatives: In 2015/16, LEDlab worked with the Binners’ Project to help launch 3 pilot initiatives. Check out the Binners Project website for more info:

Now each of the pilot initiatives, in particular the the Binners’ Hook and the Pick Up Service are ready to scale. One idea for scaling is an App, on which residents will be able to post pick­ups for binners when they have a significant number of bottles and cans. A working prototype for the App will be be ready in September 2016, thanks to volunteer support from VanHack. The Binners’ Project has been actively recruiting donations for cell phones so that members of the project are equipped when the App launches.

The scope of LEDlab’s work with the Scaling Pilot Initiatives project is to increase the number of Vancouverites using the Binners’ Project services in order to increase economic opportunities for binners. The Binners’ Project want to substantially increase the distribution of Binners’ Hooks city­wide, and test and refine the Binners’ App as a tool for automating pick­ups.

LEDlab Project Coordinator, Brandon Toews, will:

  • Increase sales and support implementation of the Binners’ Hook
  • Work with the Binners’ Project team to develop a testing program for the App
  • Analyze data from the implementation of the Hook and the App, suggest and support improvements to both
  • Set and work towards growth targets for the pilot initiatives


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