Social Procurement Value Proposition

Buy Social Canada brings socially driven purchasers and social enterprise suppliers together, building business relationships that generate social benefits to communities across the country.

Buy Social’s mission is to:

  • Facilitate purchaser and supplier relationships and learning opportunities
  • Provide advice, templates and resources to promote social purchasing policy and practice
  • Offer a certification program and support for social enterprise suppliers
  • Offer a certification program and support for businesses, government and nonprofits seeking to leverage a social value through their purchasing

Buy Social is currently in discussions with the City of Vancouver to become the third party intermediary to monitor and assess Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) made between the City of Vancouver, the development project team and the community/neighbourhood the development takes place within Vancouver.

The “Social Procurement Value Proposition” project seeks to to research and develop a business case that demonstrates to governments and anchor institutions the importance of creating and implementing social procurement policies, strategies and frameworks. A secondary goal of the project is to support the development of a scoring system that rates how developers meet Community Benefit Agreement requirements, which will help position Buy Social to become the third party intermediary with the City of Vancouver.

LEDlab Project Coordinator Nicole Hanbury will:

  • Research and analyze the economic and community impact of social procurement practices
  • Develop knowledge translation products (e.g. presentation decks, briefs reports) that demonstrate the value proposition report for social procurement to various purchaser groups (e.g. cities, large institutions, corporations)
  • Research CBA models in various cities, as well as measurement tools that assess and analyze the requirements and deliverables for community benefit agreements
  • Develop a locally relevant scoring system for rating how developers meet CBAs