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ReBuild is a social enterprise that provides professional construction, renovation, and restoration services throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. Committed to producing high quality work in a safe, efficient, and affordable manner, while providing jobs to people experiencing barriers to employment, the team consists of experienced carpenters and trades people who lead and support trainees.

ReBuild is a start up social enterprise that has successfully completed jobs for housing organizations like RainCity and Community Builders, and has turned an initial profit while providing employment to residents of the Downtown Eastside. ReBuild has a vision to be the City of Vancouver’s largest social employer in the construction sector. The organization is positioned to grow quickly with the City’s ever increasing push for social procurement. While the Vancouver construction industry continues to grow, ReBuild aims to address the growing labour crunch by mobilizing an untapped and overlooked labour force: people in extreme poverty in the DTES.

LEDlab helped to create the necessary business, operations and sales processes to ensure ReBuild has the necessary business infrastructure during its early rapid growth phase. Project Coordinator Irina Rueda conducted a market analysis and developed a customer discovery report to identify ReBuild’s total addressable market, created a cost estimation and quoting tool for the company, developed a business case to leverage for seeking future investment and supported grant writing.