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By the founders of CleanStart, ReBuild is a social enterprise that provides professional construction, renovation, and restoration services throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. ReBuild is an expanding initiative of Simpson Society, a non­profit society acting in partnership with the charitable organization Community Builders. Simpson Society specializes in creating employment opportunities for individuals facing multiple barriers to employment.

ReBuild is in its very early incubation stage. The organization has successfully completed jobs for housing organizations like RainCity and Community Builders, and has turned an initial profit while providing employment to residents of the Downtown Eastside. ReBuild has a vision to be the City of Vancouver’s largest social employer in the construction sector.

The organization is positioned to grow quickly and indefinitely with the City’s ever­increasing push for social procurement. While the Vancouver construction industry continues to grow, there is an “ongoing and increasingly labourious labour crunch” as reported by the Vancouver Regional Construction Association. Rebuild aims to address this crunch by mobilizing an untapped and overlooked labour force: people in extreme poverty in the DTES.

The scope of LEDlab’s work with the Social Procurement at Scale project is to support the rapid growth phase of ReBuild through project management, developing business and operations processes, and sales channels.

LEDlab will also document and share the Simpson Society social procurement model as a case study, which leverages the procurement of anchor institutions such as housing societies to employ people that live within them.

LEDlab Project Coordinator, Irina Rueda, will:

  • Study, test, and implement efficiencies in the ReBuild business model
  • Develop policies, processes, and tools that support the work
  • Complete a thorough case study on the business and document its potential for use in other places
  • Assist with strategic development and growth of ReBuild, including new contract acquisition